Social Media is here to stay. It’s the new word of mouth machine that drives customer perceptions and purchasing decisions.  Your business needs to be actively involved in the conversation.

Traffic Solution Experts has partnered with Maximize Social Media, leaders in the field of complete DONE-FOR-YOU Social Media Management for companies and entrepreneurs who understand the need to take social media seriously. Here is what to expect if you work with Traffic Solution Experts and Maximize Social Media:

Establish Your Social Media Presence

It all starts here.  Together, Traffic Solution Experts and Maximize Social Media will establish (or enhance) your presence on those social networks that will provide the most benefit to your business.  We usually start with Facebook, because let’s face it, Facebook is the 800 pound guerilla with over 750 Million members and growing. And we only work with clients who understand the value of investing money in Facebook Advertising, because we believe that paid Facebook advertising is the ONLY way to consistently and effectively grow your Facebook LIKES – and thus your Facebook fan base and your LIST. Of course, we will also advise and assist you with Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and whatever other social network we decide would be important to your business.

Develop An Engagement Strategy That Turns Fans Into Customers

Put our team and expertise to work for you.  Maximize will provide a team of analysts who are social media experts with years of experience in growing internet audiences by entertaining and educating customers.  A social media consultant works with every client to plan a strategy that will not just bring in fans, but will generate real leads and build brand loyalty.

Publish Fresh Interactive Content Daily

Making the most of social media requires regular activity.  Traffic Solution Experts as your program manager, and Maximize Social Media at the helm will take care of this, so you can focus on running your business.

Develop Custom Campaigns Utilizing Facebook Applications

Take your Facebook page to another level of professionalism.  We will implement your Facebook application in a way that will enhance the look of your site and add another level of interactivity for your customers.  For example, when it makes sense we will work with you to do surveys, offer coupons, and embed videos and photos, and even a shopping cart directly into your Facebook page for easy access.  Our team will make all of this happen for you.

DataMine Your Email and Social Networks For New Leads And Customer Service Opportunities

Social networking isn’t just about talking.  It’s about listening, too.  The team dedicated to your project will seek out and enter conversations to re-engage with past customers and help you to attract new customers.  In addition, we will monitor the relevant social networks for mentions of your company and/or brand, and forward this information back to the appropriate person(s) at your company immediately when action or feedback is needed.  The tracking software used by Maximize allows us to track and report back to you important data such as problem resolution and response time as well.

Monitor Detailed Social Media Analytics

We will continually gather business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements.  The enterprise software we use will capture what customers like, what they share, and what they comment on.  You will know who and where they are.  And every month you will receive an analysis of this data that we will review together and determine how to act upon.

Ready to get started?  Contact Us and tell us in your message why you would like to work with Traffic Solution Experts and Maximize Social Media. We look forward to working with you!